K-Trends to Expect from Entertainment Industry: What Would Take Over in 2019?

There are popular trends every year. New ones keep coming one after another. Some of them might last more than one year or even forever. We just entered the year of 2019. There is still so much to discover in the upcoming months. So, here in kmazing, we would like to tell you what k-trends you can expect this year. If you get much thing last year, surely there is no reason we can’t expect the same this time, right? There are several that you can expect from the entertainment industry below.

What Trending to be Expected This Year

First, there might be more retro vibes around this year. Just because it is retro, it does not mean that it won’t fit modern life today. The coming of this vibe has already been hinted through some songs, like “Thank You Soooo Much” by Yubin and “Days Gone By” by Day6. People are looking forward to this k-trending. Second, you might find more a cappella in 2019 songs. As the term suggests, it is music sung without instrumental accompaniment. When the music just cuts away like that, it makes pure vocal bliss, indeed. Isn’t that right?

One example you can find it in is “Tempo” by EXO. Well, by now, you should have been able to discover it in many songs. Third, there might come the time when you can see K-pop/J-pop crossovers. Both Korean and Japanese bands gain so much popularity around the world. Have you ever imagined the day when they will be combined to make masterpiece in entertainment industry? The day won’t be so far in the future. After all, it is part of the trends that will likely to come in 2019. Thus, we inform you in this kmazing here.

Description: Kmazing informs you some trends that will be coming in 2019. Among them, there would be retro vibes, a cappella in songs, and K-pop/J-pop crossovers.

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